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Just imagine it… NO more bills… NO more annoying phone calls… NO more pressure. Hi my name is Scott Stephen — and I've been in your shoes. No — I'm not an attorney. No — I'm not a debt consolidation service. And, No — I'm not some high priced financial guru or advisor"

"I'm just an ordinary guy. The only difference between you and me is I figured out how to 'beat the system'… I got the creditors off my back, and got rid of my debt once and for all without filing bankruptcy and now I'm back on my feet.
If you want to get back on your feet too — just keep reading…



Date: Saturday August 4, 2012
Dear Debt Riddled Friend,
If you're at the end of your rope financially and are looking for a way out… then you're going to be extremely glad you found this webpage.
Why? Because over the next few minutes I'm going to tell you about a HOT new book I just finished that's going to kick the debt industry in the gut — because it reveals all of the filthy lies and nonsense going on with their so called "expert advice". (It's a billion dollar industry based on, up to now, bad information and ignorance… and the "fat cats" who run the show want to keep it that way!)
Actually its more like the "Ultimate 'Get Out Of Debt' Owner's Manual" because anyone who's serious about getting out of debt will immediately know the information it contains is absolutely crucial to your success.
Why? Because frankly, unless you understand the secrets of getting out of debt correctly, you're just wasting your precious time and money. Worse, you may even hurt your chances of EVER recovering financially!
Anyway, very soon now, I'm going to release this book to the world — all the lawyers, the debt relief companies, the politicians — they've been anxiously waiting for it for about a year now. And once they've had a chance to review it… I'm positive they will try to get the laws changed because of it.


All I can say is Thank You!
At one point I had $48,035 in Credit Card Debt spread out on 4 separate cards!
When I lost my job I was having trouble keeping up with the minimum payments.
I was desperate for an answer before I found your site.
Your info is great and I'd have to say its "The Best Get Out Of Debt System In History!"
Thanks to your help I'm now out of debt and it only took me 4 months!
Emily Rodgers Salt Lake City, UTAH
Even so, before I release it to the world, I want to get the honest opinion of "everyday" people like you — the ones who are up to their eyeballs in debt and need help RIGHT NOW – the ones who suffer from the cruel "game" being played by the powers that be — and who will benefit the most from hearing the clean, unbiased truth of…
With your cooperation, I want to get an advanced copy of this ground breaking book in your hands as soon as possible. And under a very special arrangement, you'll be among the first people to ever use the "inside" information it contains to get your financial life back on track almost immediately!
First, however, let me tell you who I am, and why I'm doing this. My name is Scott Stephen and I probably know more about the bankruptcy and debt consolidation process than anyone you know. That's not bragging — that's just how it is.
How do I know so much? Easy. I've spent the majority of my life trapped in financial bondage… juggling from credit card to credit card just to pay my bills… dealing with pushy bill collectors and struggling everyday to keep my head above water.
It's a scary place to be and what's even more frightening is the fact that most people don't see a way out… no light at the end of the tunnel… no hope for a debt free life.
Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want you to know…
I'm A Real Person And I Take This Subject Very Seriously
And I hate what's been going on in the bankruptcy and debt consolidation industries. All the misinformation, the lies, the rip-offs, the forced ignorance… all of it. You, as an average, everyday person, can't possibly keep up with all the latest legal developments and government action on this subject.
In fact, 99% of the lawyers in America can't (or won't) keep up on this stuff either! And the few who do charge a kings' ransom for their help.
It's no wonder either… there are literally thousands of bankruptcy and debt relief laws on the books right now and ignorance of any ONE of them can cause you serious problems… not only today but years down the road.
And often the most painful mistakes come after spending thousands of dollars (you didn't have) for advice from someone who didn't know the rules.
It Sucks!!
Why? Because we all get hurt by the bad info, the overpriced junk hyped by so called "experts" which does nothing to help and can actually make your situation worse if you take any of it to heart.
And as someone who wants to get out of debt as fast as possible, and who is seriously looking at bankruptcy, debt consolidation or debt relief as an option, you desperately need to understand how the game is played… so you can avoid being cheated, both in the wallet and with the rest of your financial life.
The bottom line is…
Why? Because every lawyer, debt consolidation company, debt counselor and financial consultant has a vested interest in what action you ultimately decide to take. They only make money if they can convince you to "hire" them!
To make matters worse, they will pretty much say… do… or promise anything to make you one of their clients. Even if it means outright lying to your face!
It's really a no-win situation for the little guy — and for you to succeed — you MUST realize that the deck is stacked in THEIR favor, NOT YOURS, because YOU are the one with the debt problem… NOT THEM!
And I'll bet you right now, that not even ONE of these so called experts ever took the time to tell you about the huge pool of other options you have available to solve your debt problem. Other than the ones they were trying to "sell" you on.
Am I right?
Specifically are you aware…
  • There is a simple one page letter you can send to all of your creditors that will get you out of debt completely, improve your credit rating, or cut your monthly payments in half, INSTANTLY!
  • There is a way you can end harassing phone calls from pushy bill collectors… and have their actions result in the cancellation of your debt, IMMEDIATELY!
  • And best of all there is a "secret" way you can file for bankruptcy and keep it out of your credit report, FOREVER!

When I finished college I had a lot of unpaid bills such as student loans and credit card debt piling up. And since I was having trouble finding a job, just making the minimum payments was hard enough.
I thought the only way out of debt was to file for bankruptcy!
Thankfully I didn't because when I investigated further and found your course I realized that would have been the worst choice I could've ever made.
Thanks for everything and I look forward to living a debt free life.
John Paulson Erie, Pennsylvania
The truth is, people like you and me are different from others. We need more and better information before we are forced into any decision which will impact the rest of our lives. And if this information isn't geared to your exact needs…
It's All Wasted — Your Time, Your Money And Your Effort
So if you can't trust the financial experts, the lawyers or the debt consolidation companies to give you the honest information you need. And if you can't trust the ads you read in the newspapers, the magazines, the yellow pages, or the ones you see on TV or hear on the radio. And if you can't trust the articles they print, the statements they make or the success stories they share….
Who can you trust?
When I asked myself that question. I came up with NOBODY. The fat cats, the ad writers, the so-called experts, the reporters, and even many of the damned lawyers are all either stretching the truth, making it up, or — often — just outright lying to you to make a buck.
It's time someone with credentials, the years of research, the respect from his peers in the field, and the love of helping people succeed came forward and went nose to nose with all the bullshit out there.
That Someone Turned Out To Be Me!
This is not an enviable position to be in! I'll make a lot of enemies… I'll embarrass a lot of people who can make life very uncomfortable for me… and I'll never get a slice of that MULTI-BILLION dollar pie the lawyers and debt consolidation companies are carving up (with your money by the way.)
But that doesn't concern me now. What does concern me is the hot new book I've completed and what it can do for you.

I'm so glad I found your course! After my divorce I had a few problems…

Then I lost my job and things got totally out of control.
At one point I owed $21,840 in credit card debt!
I was talking to a friend about my situation and she told me about your site.
So here I am and all I can say is that I'm totally grateful for everything you taught me.
Thanks to you my $21,840 in credit card debt is gone!
– Sally Moderelli Lincoln, Nebraska
Listen — the question isn't whether you need help going through the maze of debt "misinformation" out there (you do)… but rather, the question is…
"Are you ready to do something about it?"
I've done 8 years of intense research on this subject. My work has earned me the title of "expert" worldwide on how the bankruptcy and debt consolidation game is played. I get all of my inside information from top level government officials, ultra high priced lawyers, and debt relief experts who cater to the wishes and whims of the worlds richest people…
…meaning there is no guesswork involved, no blind reliance on cut rate legal advice at the expense of real insiders experience.
And no moralizing, either. I never bought into the "Bankruptcy or Debt Relief is Evil" nonsense — sometimes people get themselves into terrible financial situations the can't get out of — and bankruptcy is the only option.
Hell I should know! I've gone through the debt relief process many times and almost ended up declaring bankruptcy myself.
That's why the only way to honestly assess your situation is to…
  • Get the facts from real documented research – not the opinions of unqualified people who know nothing more than you… or… from people just trying to make a buck off of your misery… or those who don't have your best interests at heart.
  • Compare the results others have gotten using techniques similar to the ones you are considering and decide if the results they got are exactly what you are looking for.
  • Take action on what you have learned.
The last one is the hardest because actually deciding if you should just declare bankruptcy or sign on with a debt relief/consolidation company is probably one of the most important decisions you'll make in your lifetime.
And Unfortunately It's Not An Easy Decision
Believe me I know, the emotional stress that accompanies serious financial problems makes it terribly difficult to separate fact from fiction.
That's why I decided to put this book together (by the way it's called the Ultimate Debt Guide). To help you navigate through the maze of options at your disposal and to help you with the actions you should be taking, according to your own individual circumstances.
Going through this book — just once — will take you to "expert" status overnight. So…
  • You'll be able to honestly assess your current financial situation and take the necessary action to get yourself out of it as soon as possible.
  • You'll understand the different options you have available without the pressure of having to commit to a solution right now.
  • You'll learn the consequences of each decision and how it will positively or negatively affect the next few years of your life, personally and financially…
  • And lastly, you'll have at your fingertips more knowledge about the bankruptcy and debt relief process than 90% of the lawyers in the U.S. today.
There is no ass kissing either… if a system for getting out of debt is crap… I tell you. If the jury is still out. I tell you that, too. And if there is any method out there that will help you out of your situation. I'll tell you the straight scoop about it… even if it's illegal or unethical to do.
The Goal Is To Get You Out Of Your Current Financial
Situation As Fast As Humanly Possible…

(Not Make The Fat Cats Rich!)

Here's my success story. Because of an injury I suffered at work I lost my job and all of my income. The only way I could survive was to live on my credit cards for a while.
Well after the dust settled finally settled I owed over $50,000!
That's when the collectors started harassing me. I actually had to change my telephone number 3 times just to keep the creditors off my back.
Then I found you and your website. Your techniques helped me to immediately stop the harassment and got me out of my debt situation in only 3 months!
Thank you so much!
– Chad Baker Fort Worth, Texas
Here's just a small taste of what you'll learn in this groundbreaking book
  • Why Debt Consolidation is one of the worst options you can take and why its even considered worse than a straight bankruptcy
  • How you can ELIMINATE 90% of your unsecured debt without making another payment whatsoever!
  • A brand new "stealthy secret" way you can actually file for bankruptcy and keep it out of your credit report… FOREVER!
  • Why 75% of all debt management, debt consolidation and credit counseling cases end up in bankruptcy anyway. And what you can do to reverse this trend.
  • The most important and toughest decision you must make when deciding on a debt relief option and how to make it intelligently and morally… so you'll never have to second guess yourself later!
  • Top 10 reasons you shouldn't pay off your credit card debt. These techniques may be considered controversial by some and therefore not recommended for everyone. But they could be just the thing you need to fix your situation.
  • The only legitimate way to have ALL your debts cleared while maintaining a good credit rating!
  • How and where you can obtain a low cost loan you can use for any purpose (like debt reduction) without any credit check or income verification at all!
  • How (if necessary) you can survive with BAD CREDIT! This simple secret shows you how to lessen the negative effect your current credit rating has on your life and immediately make it more acceptable to every lender you come into contact with.
  • How to get the government to pay your bills and debt for you.
  • Why all debts aren't created equal. And which you should pay first and why.
  • The single most important thing you must do! then Wham!… your entire debt disappears almost instantly. (And you never have to worry about the debt anymore. Once you know this simple secret you will immediately take all the "money stress" out of your life once and for all.)
  • How to get out of debt years earlier than normal while saving thousands of dollars in interest all without increasing your monthly payments by one cent. Simple action plan provided.
  • How a simple one page letter can get you out of debt completely, improve your credit, and cut your monthly payments in half… INSTANTLY!
  • Here's several simple ways you can lower your monthly bills and save yourself a bunch of money — up to $700 or more each month.
  • How to clean up your credit report almost instantly!  Learn how to rid your file of all past credit problems, including late payments, collections, and charge-offs — all while improving your credit score.
  • How credit card companies think and work… a few simple secrets that will show you how to trick and confuse them so they leave you alone — and even forget about you forever! Result: Debt GONE, almost overnight.
  • A proven method for paying off any debt for as little as 5 cents on the dollar! This is a method virtually anyone can use. And you can use it over and over again… and never damage your credit doing it.
  • How to DEMAND that the credit bureaus re-establish your credit rating to the exact level it was before you considered bankruptcy or before you began missing payments.
Plus, you get a complete "glossary" of the words and phrases used in the bankruptcy and debt consolidation game — which means you'll understand more about the process than most people who've worked in the industry for years.
And a lot more. Make no mistake, my friend… this book is the most important information to ever hit the debt world! If you are truly serious about getting your financial life back on track, then you shouldn't wait another minute to get your hands on it!
Especially since, in return for your help…
You Are Getting A First Look Special Offer That No One Else Will Ever Get
(including the lawyers and politicians who are anxiously waiting for it)
Here's what I mean:
Remember I said earlier that before I release this powerful book to the rest of the world I wanted to get the opinion of "everyday" people just like you — the exact people who would benefit the most from hearing the unbiased truth about how the bankruptcy and debt consolidation game is played.
Well here's the scoop… I've packed so much great information into the Ultimate Debt Guide that at some point in the near future I plan on putting it all into a meaty 3-ring binder with a couple of CD's and selling it offline at a whopping cost of $497.00. No questions asked!
Which is a steal considering the fact that most of the lawyers in America will charge you in the neighborhood of $800 to $1,000 for an initial debt consultation. And then tack on additional fees for document preparation and the initial court appearance if you decide to file bankruptcy…
… and many debt relief companies charge a flat fee ranging in the $400 to $600 range plus a percentage on the amount of debt you owe, which for most people can add up to between $3,000 and $9,000 dollars. In addition to any charges they decide to tack on at the end.
But since the plan to sell this information "offline" is well down the road, and since I promised you a "first look" before the rest of the general public… you're not going to pay anywhere near that price.
Why? Because thanks to the internet I can now offer you an instant "electronic" download of the same exact information at a fraction of the cost.
If you're familiar with how "electronic" downloads work — (It's a computer generated document, program or file which is transferred directly to your computer from mine. And once it's transferred to you… it will be located on your computers hard drive and run anytime you want it. Meaning you can read it, print it and access it when you need to. It's all yours, you own it!)
I designed the Ultimate Debt Guide in the Adobe Acrobat PDF Format. Meaning you can view it on any computer system running today. Of course you'll have to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. (Don't worry it probably came pre-installed on your computer when you bought it or its available for FREE if you don't have it.)
– And I'll let you have access to it, not for the future price of $497.00 but for the incredibly low introductory price oonly $99 $49.95 if you order by 11:59 P.M. April 27th, 2014!
Wow!! That's A Full $447 Off The Future Price!
How can I do that? Easy. By offering you the Ultimate Debt Guide "electronically" it saves me a ton of money on printing costs, paper costs, packaging costs, handling fees, shipping charges, warehouse fees and I don't need anyone answering phones or opening letters, etc. So I can offer it to you for much, much less!
Hold On Though…
I realize that $99 $49.95 is higher that the price of most "electronic" products available on the internet right now. There's a reason…
You see, most of the "electronic" product downloads you are familiar with are just crappy little reports of say 20 or 30 pages — which only give you the bare bones basics then you're left to figure out the rest on your own.
This is totally different. I'm offering you the whole enchilada (over 180 pages in all) with all the bells and whistles already included. And it contains much more information that most regular e-books which are just full of internet links and filler. And remember…
Just ONE Technique You Learn Can Easily Pay For Your Small Investment Many Times Over!
But just to make sure you are totally OK with the value of this "electronic package" I'm immediately going to sweeten the deal by giving you four (4) "Hot Bonus" items ABSOLUTELY FREE!
BONUS #1 Amazing Get Out Of Debt Letter Kit.
Wow! This is incredible. You get the exact letters and phone scripts I've developed over the past few years which can get you out of debt — FAST!
All you have to do is just "copy" these letters and phone scripts exactly or adapt them to your own personal debt situation and use them to gain an unfair advantage over your creditors.
Letters included in this kit are:
  • Stopping Creditor Harassment
  • Eliminating All Your Credit Card Debt Without Payment
  • Disputing And Refusing To Pay A Debt
  • Statute of Limitations For Collecting A Debt
  • Credit Complaint and Inquires
  • Permanently Closing An Account Even With A Balance
  • And a lot more!
Each letter is proven 100% successful… no matter how bad your debt problem is, there is at least one letter in this kit that will help you out of your situation immediately! (Over 70 pages of letters are included a $127 value!)
BONUS #2 Two Faces Of Debt. This is awesome. You get a copy of the controversial book put out by the Federal Reserve of Chicago which outlines why you don't really owe any "unsecured debt" (which includes credit card debt) and exactly what you have to do to get rid of it.
Once the banking world found out this book was being offered by the federal government they spent millions of dollars of their own money lobbying Congress to get it removed.
And you get a copy absolutely FREE! (A $47 value!)

BONUS #3 Credit Repair Made E-Z

After you use the "Ultimate Debt Guide" to get yourself out of debt. This bonus will show you how to get and enjoy the credit you deserve.
In it you'll learn…
  • How To Deal With Banks By Using Their Tactics Against Them
  • How To Repair Or Improve Your Credit Quickly
  • How To Earn And Maintain Triple A Credit
  • How To Repair Or Improve Your Credit Quickly
  • How To Increase Your Credit Limits

Over 130 pages of hard hitting credit advice. (A $97 value!)

BONUS #4 Ongoing FREE Personalized Consulting And Support
Once you order the course you will be automatically enrolled in my exclusive Free Personalized Consulting Program. With this incredible service you'll have immediate and unlimited access to a team of debt specialists to help you with any challenge you may encounter.
If you need some assistance or advice, or if you simply want an unbiased expert opinion about a particular situation where you're not positive what to do, we will immediately provide you with our experienced input and assessment.
Best of all, you never pay a dime for this service; and you can use it as often as you wish! Whenever you need help, just contact us, outline your problem, and we'll review it and provide you with our comments usually within 24 hours. (Value $497)

BONUS # 5 — FREE Weekly Call In
Once you order you'll be invited to participate in my FREE Weekly Call In where you can call me direct and ask any question you want about the process of getting out of debt. These calls are currently are held once a week (when I'm available) usually every Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Central Time.

BONUS #6 – FREE "Priority" Access To All Of My Teleseminars
You will also have FREE "Priority" Access to any Teleseminar or I offer."Priority" access means you will be allowed on every call no matter how many people are registered.
I try to hold a TeleSeminar at least once a month and generally charge between $47 for each one.
BONUS #7 – Lifetime Updates Via My VIP Members Only Website
This is really cool! If you order a copy of The Ultimate Debt Guide by 11:59 P.M. April 27th 2014. I'll throw in Unlimited Lifetime Updates and VIP Status to the Ultimate Debt Guide Website where I continually update you on the fastest and easiest ways of controlling your debt.
Am I taking a big chance here? Not at all!
Once you see how powerful this course is you'll understand why.
I say with full confidence, nothing comes close to what you're about to learn here. Once you take advantage of the secrets, methods and techniques included in this course you'll never be the same again! You'll be a certified Debt expert almost overnight.
And the facts prove it out, almost every single person who has experienced the power of this information has had nothing but great things to say about it.
So I'm pretty darned confident it can work for you too!
Imagine having all the tools and techniques you'll ever need to get out of debt — FAST! That would be something wouldn't it. You bet! And you have nothing to lose with my super generous money-back guarantee.
So why waste your precious time at the "school of hard knocks?" Why endure sleepless nights searching for a solution to your debt problems. All you have to do is follow the steps I've laid out for you and you're on your way to real financial relief once and for all!
Let's face it. If you don't take action to get out of your current financial situation right now, you'll be kicking yourself sometime down the road because you didn't.
Now I do understand that some people will not, under any circumstances, order any product over the internet. Not because of the fear that they won't get exactly what they ordered, but because of the personal security reasons involved.
It's a real problem. I know.
But you have my promise. Your personal information is totally safe with me — you'll be treated exactly how I would like to be treated. That is, your name and personal information will absolutely NOT be shared, sold, or dealt to any third party at anytime whatsoever. It will remain 100% PRIVATE! And will not be shared with anyone… EVER!
Fair Enough? I should think so. But you have to act now! Because even though this course is an "electronic" download, I'm only allowing a small number of copies to be accessed at this time.
In other words this package isn't going to be online forever. I reserve the right to pull it off the market at any time. So you have to order today!
Here's what you need to do:
To claim your copy right now with all the bonuses included for the low introductory price of only $99 $49.95 just click here or on the buy now button below by 11:59 P.M. April 27th, 2014!
When you do you'll be taken to a super secure webpage with all the latest bells and whistles installed to ensure safe commerce. The just fill out the form! It's that easy!
Once your order is approved you'll be immediately transferred to a special download page where you will be able to access the "Ultimate Debt Guide" along with your SEVEN (7) FREE BONUSES!
You'll be downloading this amazing course and all of the incredible bonuses in just a few minutes!
Scott Stephen
P.S. No matter what I tell you in this letter you're not going to believe how important it is for you to learn everything you can before making a decision which will impact the rest of your financial life. So order this course. Read it. Try it. Then decide. If you don't find all the answers you were looking for just say the word and you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.
P.P.S. Like I said earlier. I'm not sure how long I'm going to allow access to this course. I may pull it off the market at any time. So order yours today.

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